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Here’s a little story from Kotakoki. 

In Indonesian language, “kotak” means box and “koki” means chef. With Kotakoki or “Chef Box”, anyone with a passion for Indonesian culinary can be a chef of authentic Indonesian foods.

For the love of finding the best spices and cooking, we aim to introduce Indonesia’s wonderful cuisine to our friends around the world. We are working directly with Indonesian farmers, carefully select the spices, prepare them, pack them and deliver them to your door. 

Indonesia’s multifaceted cuisine is heavily influenced by the Indian, Arabian, and Chinese traders that came to Indonesia long ago, bringing their essential ingredients with them. But, there are a few spices grown and found in Indonesia, considered as exotic to expats yet comforting to Indonesians.

Indonesia is an archipelago and each region in Indonesia has its own famous culinary delight. We proudly present you with various options of recipes from all over IndonesiaIn your box you will find all the necessary Indonesian spices you need to recreate your favourite Indonesian dish and serve them to your loved ones


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